Welcome to Yoga Moxie! At Yoga Moxie we instruct private individual, couples, and small group private and public yoga classes. Whether you are a yoga new-comer or you've been practicing for years, Yoga Moxie provides calm and kind training ideal for people of all levels of experience. 
e understand that time, affordability, comfort, and privacy are key. We provide small group public and private yoga classes and private individual and couples/buddy sessions at our downtown Ann Arbor studio at 343 S. Main St., Suite 215.

Or we come to your home for an individual yoga training session, couples/buddy session, or a small group training for you and your friends. We hold a weekly public yoga class every Wednesday from 12pm to 1:30pm at our downtown Ann Arbor studio.
Your personal goals of body healing, peace and fitness are essential when large public classes may not be honed to your needs.
​The beauty of yoga is that it is accessible to all body types, all body abilities,
and all ages. It can be practiced standing, as 'chair yoga' with the support of a chair, and/or on the floor with or without the support of bolsters (yoga pillows). Our experienced trainers come prepared with yoga postures that are mindful of alignment and safety and with a lesson-plan designed for your body's unique needs.
If you are a new-comer, welcome to the joys of yoga! We guarantee a fun and gentle program that includes any modifications and adjustments that may come up. And if you are a long-timer, Yoga Moxie private and public practice is ideal to ensure you get the specific adjustments and support necessary to take your body to new heights in a safe and secure environment. Give us a call today to set up your free private consultation and we can begin the beautiful journey that is yoga.

Public Class Schedule

Back on Track public yoga class: 12pm to 1:30pm every Wednesday! See class schedule link above for more details. *Please leave a note via email or text or call to let us know you're coming and reserve a spot : )

Yoga Moxie instructs individuals, couples, and small groups -- offering both private AND public  yoga class options.

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